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ACC 497 Entire Course Week 1 to 5 with Final




Question;ACC;497 Advanced Topics in Accounting Research;WEEK 1;Individual;Assignment - Assessed Discussion Question;Individual;Assignment - FASB Codification System Orientation Paper;Discussion;Question 1 and 2;WEEK 2;Individual;Assignment - Financial Statements Paper Part I;Team;Assignment - Case Study Assignment;Discussion;Question 1 and 2;WEEK 3;Individual;Assignment - Financial Statements Paper Part II;Individual;Assignment - From the Readings Exercise 17(E1-17);Learning;Team Assignment - From the Reading;Learning;Team Assignment - Case Study;Discussion;Question 1 and 2;WEEK 4;Individual;Assignment from the Reading;Learning;Team Assignment from the Reading;Discussion;Question 1 and 2;WEEK 5;Individual;Assignment from the Text;Learning;Team Case Study Assignment;Learning;Team Case Study Presentation;Discussion;Question 1 and 2;Final;Examination (100 Questions and Answers)


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