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ACC 455 Corporate Taxation Entire Course




Question;ACC;455 Corporate Taxation;WEEK 1;Individual;Tax Return Position Paper;Discussion;Question 1;Discussion;Question 2;WEEK 2;Individual;Problem Set C2-3, C2-54, C2-55, C2-56;Discussion;Question 1;Discussion;Question 2;WEEK 3;C3-64;Income Tax Return;Depreciation;and Amortization - F4562;Learning;Team Assignment, Current Event - News Article;Learning;Team Assignment, Problem Set C3-3, C5-8, C3-37, C3-64;Capital;Gain and Losses, Schedule D (Form 1120);Discussion;Question 1;Discussion;Question 2;WEEK 4;Individual;Assignment, Problem Set C6-5, C4-29, C4-52;Learning;Team Assignment, Current Event - News Article;Discussion;Question 1;Discussion;Question 2;WEEK 5;Learning;Team Assignment, Current Event - News Article;Learning;Team Assignment, Problems (C9-32, C10-1, C11-31, C11-37, C11-56);Discussion;Question 1;Discussion;Question 2


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