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ACCT 434 Midtrm Exam 1




Question;ACCT;434 Midtrm Exam;Page;One;1. (TCO1) ABC systems create;2. (TCO 1) Merriamn Company provides;the following ABC costing information. How much of the account billing cost;will be assigned to Department B?;3. (TCO 2) A master budget;4. (TCO 2) Dalyrymple Company produces a special spray nozzle.;The budgeted indirect total cost of inserting the spray nozzle is $80,000. The;budgeted number of nozzles to be inserted is 40,000. What is the budgeted;indirect cost allocation rate for this activity?;5. (TCO 3) Which cost estimation method analyzes accounts in;the subsidiary ledger as variable, fixed, or mixed using qualitative methods?;6. (TCO 4) In evaluating different alternatives, it is useful;to concentrate on;7. (TCO 5) The theory of constraints is used for cost analysis;when;8. (TCO 5) Schmidt Corporation produces a part that is used in;the manufacture of one of its products. The costs associated with the;production of 10,000 units of this part are as follows. Phil Company has;offered to sell 10,000 units of the same part to Schmidt Corporation for $18;per unit. Assuming there is no other use for the facilities, Schmidt should;9. (TCO 3) The cost function y = 100 + 10X;10. (TCO 4) Sunk costs;Page: Two;1. (TCO 1) For each of the following drivers;identify an appropriate activity.;2. (TCO 2) Favata Company has the following;information:?????In addition, the cost of goods sold rate is 70% and the;desired inventory level is 30% of next month's cost of sales. Prepare a;purchases budget for July through September.;3. (TCO 3) Patrick Ross, the president of Ross's Wild Game;Company, has asked for information about the cost behavior of manufacturing;overhead costs. Specifically, he wants to know how much overhead cost is fixed;and how much is variable................Using the high-low method, determine;the overhead cost equation. Use machine-hours as your cost driver.;4. (TCO 5) Kirkland Company manufactures a part for use in its;production of hats. ????.Mike Company has offered to sell to Kirkland Company;10,000 units of the part for $6.00 per unit. The plant facilities could be used;to manufacture another item at a savings of $9,000 if Kirkland accepts the;offer. In addition, $1.00 per unit of fixed manufacturing overhead on the;original item would be eliminated. a. What is the relevant per unit cost for;the original part? b. Which alternative is best for Kirkland Company? By how;much?


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