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Ashford BUS 630 Managerial Accounting




Question;Ashford;BUS 630 Managerial Accounting;WEEK 1;Written;Assignment, Case 2B (Mendel Paper Company);Discussion;1: Ethics in Cost Control;Discussion;2: Fixed and Variable Costs;WEEK 2;Written;Assignment Case 3A (Auerbach Enterprises);DQ 1;Product Costs;DQ 2;Job Order Costing vs. Process Costing;WEEK 3;Written;Assignment Case 5A (Glaser Health Products);Discussion;1: Allocating Joint Costs;Discussion;2: Variable/Absorption Costing;WEEK 4;Written;Assignment Case 6B (Chester & Wayne);Discussion;1: Budgeting Comments;Discussion;2: Standard Cost System;Journal;Budgets and Employee Morale;WEEK 5;Discussion;1: Capital Investment Evaluation;Discussion;2: Ranking Investment Alternatives;Written;Assignment Case 9A (Middlehurst House);WEEK 6;Final;Paper, Analyze the Role of Managerial Accounting;Discussion;1: Evaluating Performance;Discussion;2: Non value- Added Costs in a Doctor's Office


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