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Case A Case B Case C Beginning inventory, raw material $??? $ 21,000 $ 15,000




Question;calculate manufacturing costs and look at the problem below and write out set by step how to solve the problem of the missing data (labeled???) listed. I need to know what steps, formulas and calculations that are done to get them.Case A Case B Case CBeginning inventory, raw material $??? $ 21,000 $ 15,000Ending inventory, raw material 91,000??? 30,000Purchases of raw material 100,000 85,000???Direct material 71,000 95,000???Direct labor??? 100,000 125,000Manufacturing overhead 250,000??? 160,000Total manufacturing costs 520,000 345,000 340,000Beginning inventory, work in process 35,000 20,000???Ending inventory, work in process??? 35,000 5,000Cost of goods manufactured 525,000??? 350,000Beginning inventory, finished goods 50,000 40,000???Cost of goods available for sale??? ??? 370,000Ending inventory, finished goods??? ??? 25,000Cost of goods sold 545,000 330,000???Sales?????? 480,000Gross margin 255,000 170,000???Selling and administrative expenses??? 75,000???Income before taxes 150,000??? 90,000Income tax expense 40,000 45,000???Net income??? ??? 55,000


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