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Question;Project DescriptionsSEC;10-K Paper;You will be asked to select a company that is publically traded. You;must research and secure the SEC 10-K Annual Report for the most recent year.;This is often available at the company web site. Look for "InvestorInformation" or "Company;Information". Save the file to your computer for access. There is no need;to print as the report is usually 100 pages or more.;1.;Post the name of your company in the SEC 10-K company for my approval in;the week 1 Discussion.;2.;Each student must select a different company so read the company names;selected by classmates.;3.;You will use this company for discussion in the discussions during the;semester.;4.;You will write a 2 - 3 page paper, single spaced, one inch margins, 12 pt;font, with double space betweenparagraphs. Your paper should comment on the financial statements for;your company as they relate to theinformation;presented in chapters 1-10 of your textbook, including the notes tothe financial statements. **Use headings in your paper such;as Accounts Receivable and Inventory (topics from our textbook, other exampleswould be Balance Sheet and Income Statement).Please keep your paper to no more than 3 pagesThe reportwill be submitted after Chapter 10. Do not;consider information from Ch 11 - 26 in your paper.;5.;Take care to avoid academic dishonesty. Write your paper, read it, and;edit. Use your own words.;6.;Please include a brief introduction of your company as well as a;conclusion/summary at the end.;7.;You will also be required to include the Income Statement and Balance;Sheet as an attachment to your report(you can cut and paste directly from the 10-K report).;8.;APA style is required for citations and a;reference list.;9.;Ask questions if any of the requirements are unclear.;10.Additional guidance for your paper and;resources;11.Page count does not include title page;tables and exhibits, table of contents, and reference list;12.Please include a title page (include your name;on the title page);13.Include a reference list (business classes use;APA format);14.Include in text citations (business classes;use APA format);15.Your paper should use one-inch margins on the;left, right, top, and bottom of each page, and font set at 12 point.;16.Take care to comply with the UMUC policy for;academic honesty;17.Write your paper, in your own words, using;accounting words from our textbook and explaining how these relate to the;financial statements of your company;18.Our discussion postings during the semester;should assist you in completing this paper;19.Visit the Accounting Toolbox in theCourse Content;of our LEO classroom;20.The Accounting Toolbox is a constant resource;in our UMUC undergraduate accounting courses;21.Links and explanations to assist you with this;paper may appear in this resource;22.Additional information will be posted in the;Week1Discussion area of Leo Classroom. Please make;sure youreview;carefully and ask questions if you have any.;23.SEC 10-K Power Point Presentation;24.You will also be required to prepare a brief power point file of;no more than 6 slides. Post the power point presentation;in the discussion area for comments by other students.;25.After you read the comments you may wish to make changes to your;power point file before submitting it in the assignment;folder along.;26.;Include a reference list in APA format.;27.Ask questions;if any of the requirements are unclear.;28.You are required to post comments on the work;of at least one other student who does not yet have comments so everyone has at;least one set of comments. Do not wait until the last day to post your power;point file soeveryone has a;chance to visit the files.;Q1: Select a publicly traded U.S. corporation;you would like to study this semester and ask theprofessor for permission by posting a;response here.;Your corporation must;1)have a SEC 10-K report for the current or most;recent prior year;2)be among the;Fortune 100 companies. To identify Fortune 500 companies click thislink:;3)have an Accounts Receivable and Inventory;account;Your corporation mayNOT;1)be the same corporation you used for SEC;projects in other classes;2)be the same corporation a classmate selected;3)be a bank or any other type of financial;institution;Requirements;1. Write the name of the;corporation, the stock market where it is traded, and its ticker symbol in theSubject line;when you respond to this posting and all other postings related to this;project.;For example;Under Armour, NYSE: UA;Apple, NASDAQ: APPL;Exxon Mobile, NYSE: XOM;COSTCO WHOLESALE CORPORATION, NASDAQ: COST;2.State why you want to study and prepare a;financial analysis of your corporation.I CURRENTLY SHOP THERE ALOT SO I DECIDED TO COMPLETE MY STUDY ON A CORPORATION THAT I SPEND MYMONEY AT.;3.Provide a direct link to your corporation's;SEC 10K report for the most recent year. A direct link is a hyper link that;takes you directly to a Website where the SEC 10K report is located. For;example, this isthe direct link to the 2013 SEC 10K;report for Apple, Inc. DIRECT LINK TO THE 2014 SEC 10K REPORT FOR;COSTCO IS: HTTP://www.sEc.Govi/ARcHivEstEDGAR/DATA/909832/000090983214000021/cosT1Ok2014.Hrm#s600;E7D100588224D97A0866737C01837;Themost direct;route to finding the direct link is to use the SEC EDGAR System and search by;Companyname.;The following link is a good place;to start your search:http://www.sec.goviedgar/searchedgar/companysearch.html;4.State your corporation's position on the;Fortune 500 List for the current year.COSTCO;RATES (22) ON THE FORTUNE 500;S. Provide page numbers for all four required;financial statements;Income Statement (Hint: it could be listed as;the Consolidated Statements of Income);Balance;Sheet (Hint: it could be listed as the Consolidated Balance Sheet or Statement;of FinancialPosition);Statement;of Stockholders Equity (Hint: it could be listed as the Consolidated Statements;ofStockholder's;EquityorConsolidated Statements of Stockholder's;Deficit);INCOME STATEMENT: PG 36;BALANCE SHEET: PG 35;STATEMENT OF STOCKHOLDERS EQUITY: PG 38;Q2: RESPOND TO EACH QUESTION BELOW;1.;LOCATE THE INCOME STATEMENT (MAY HAVE A DIFFERENT HEADING;SUCH AS STATEMENT OF CONSOLIDATEDOPERATIONS). HINT: FIRST LINE SHOULD RELATE TO REVENUE.;** WHAT;IS THE DESCRIPTION AND DOLLAR VALUE OF THE FIRST LINE ON THE INCOME STATEMENT;(IT MAY BE NETSALES);2.;LOCATE THE BALANCE SHEET (MAY HAVE A DIFFERENT HEADING;SUCH AS THE STATEMENT OF FINANCIALPOSITION);** WHAT;ARE THE NAMES OF THE ASSETS AND THEIR VALUES (IF MORE THAN FIVE LINE ITEMS ONLY;REPORT FIRST FIVE LINE ITEMS AND DOLLAR VALUES);3.;TAKE CARE WITH THE CONCEPT OF $ DOLLARS. MANY FINANCIAL;STATEMENTS ARE EXPRESSED IN MILLIONS OF $.YouWOULD REPORT $895 MILLION FOR THE VALUE $895,000,000. BE A;VERY CAREFUL READER.;4.;STATEMENT OF OWNERS' EQUITY: POST THE LINE ITEMS AND;DOLLAR VALUES IN THE "EQUITY" SECTION OF THE BALANCE SHEET.YouWILL LIKELY FIND LINE ITEMS INCLUDING COMMON;STOCK, RETAINED EARNINGS (OR DEFICIT)AND;TREASURY STOCK.;5.;ALWAYS INCLUDE THE NAME OF YOUR SEC 10-K COMPANY IN THE;SUBJECT LINE AND THELINK TOYOUR SEC 10-KFINANCIAL STATEMENT WHEN POSTING;6.;WHAT IS THE NET INCOME (OR NETLoss) FOR YOUR SEC 10-K COMPANY?;Q3: READ THENOTES TOTHE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS (FS) FOR YOUR SEC;10-K COMPANY. THESE "NOTES;AREDISPLAYED AFTER THE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS.;1.;NOTE 1 INCLUDES ACCOUNTING INFORMATION. WHAT IS THE;FISCAL YEAR FOR YOUR SEC 10-K COMPANY? THISMAY BE JUNE 30 EACH YEAR OR IT MAY BETHESUNDAY;CLOSESTTOTHE LAST DAY OF JANUARY ORSOMEOTHER;DESCRIPTION.;2.;INVENTORY;How ISINVENTORY DESCRIBED FOR YOUR SEC 10-K COMPANY? LIFO, FIFO, AND /;OR AVERAGECOST?RELATE YOUR ANSWERTO TOPICSINOURCOURSE.;3.;INCOME STATEMENT: IS IT A SINGLE STEP OR MULTI STEP INCOME STATEMENT?;4.;CALCULATE THE GROSS PROFIT AND GROSS PROFIT;PERCENTAGE FOR THIS YEAR AND LAST YEAR, CREATING ASMALL TABLE SUCH AS;THIS YEAR;LAST YEAR;NET SALES;$1,200;$1,400;COST OF GOODS SOLD;800;1,200;GROSS PROFIT;$400;$ 200;GROSS PROFIT%;33%;14%;IN THE EXAMPLE;ABOVE, SALES DECREASED, GROSS PROFIT INCREASED, AND THE GROSS PROFIT PERCENTAGE;INCREASED.;THEREFORE ARE SALES ARE MORE PROFITABLE. WE MADE 33 CENTS OF GROSS PROFIT ON;EVERYDOLLAR OF SALES;THIS YEAR BUT ONLY 14 CENTS OF GROSS PROFIT ON EVERY DOLLAR OF SALES LAST YEAR.;SALESDECREASED BUT;ARE SALES ARE ACTUALLY GENERATING MORE PROFIT OVERALL, BOTH AS AN ABSOLUTE;DOLLAR VALUE AND AS A PERCENTAGE.;YOUR DESCRIPTION MAY BE DIFFERENT;BUT THESE ARE COMMENTS YOU MIGHT MAKE FOR THIS POSTING AND INYOUR SEC 10-K;PAPER AND PROJECT.;04: THE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS FOR;YOUR COMPANY ARE USUALLY POSTED IN ITEM 8 OF THE SEC 10-KDOCUMENT.;SEARCH FOR THE AUDITOR'S REPORT.;1.;WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE AUDITOR? VIEWING;THEIR SIGNATURE, WHAT CITY DO YOU SEE.;2.;THE FIRST PAGEOFTHE SEC 10-KISVERY STANDARD;AND LISTS TWO KEY LOCATIONS. USING THIS INFORMATION,POST THE STATE OF INCORPORATION;AND THE CITY AND STATE OF THE CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS FOR YOUR SEC10-K.;3.;RETURNING TO ITEM 8, NEAR THE AUDITOR'S;REPORT (THIS IS THE LETTER THEY SIGN, GIVING THEIR OPINION ON WHETHER THE;FINANCIAL STATEMENTS ARE FAIRLY PRESENTED IN ADHERENCE WITH U.S. GAAP) LOCATE;THE LETTERREGARDING INTERNAL CONTROL. THIS LETTER IS SIGNED BY THE MANAGEMENT OF;THE COMPANY. WHAT ARE THEIR NAMES AND TITLES?;Q5: USING THE SEC 10-K FOR YOUR;COMPANY, ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS;1.;READING THE NOTES TO THE FINANCIAL;STATEMENTS, AS WELL AS THE BALANCE SHEET, POST INFORMATIONABOUT THEACCOUNTS;RECEIVABLE FORYOURCOMPANY.WHOOWESTHE COMPANY MONEY?;2.;SEARCH FOR THE PHRASE "BAD DEBTS;OR ALLOWANCE (FOR COLLECTIBLE ACCOUNTS). WHENYOUREAD THEBALANCE SHEETYOUMAY SEETHERECEIVABLES ARE;LISTED AS NET OF $X,XXX TO SHOW THE ALLOWANCE FOR BADDEBTS. COMMENT ABOUT THE CHANGES;IN ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE AND THE ALLOWANCE FOR BAD DEBTS. ARETHEY INCREASING;OR DECREASING?HowDOES THIS RELATETOSALES (ARE SALES INCREASING OR DECREASING)?;3.;PROPERTY, PLANTS, AND EQUIPMENT / PPE (CAPITAL ASSETS, FIXED ASSETS). COMMENT;ABOUT PPE AND ACCUMULATED DEPRECIATION. HOW;ARE THESE VALUES CHANGING, FROM YEARTO YEAR:PPE, ACCUMULATEDDEPRECIATION, NET PPE.


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