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ACC Malincho case study




Question;Read the Malincho case study in your text. Write a 2-3 page APA style paper that includes the following:1.Apply the Timmons entrepreneurship framework (entrepreneur-opportunity-resouorces to analyze this case. Analyze and explain Kalin?s traits and how he gathered resources for his venture.2.What business models are open to a food-product importer? What steps should Kalin take to position his company for the next phase of early-stage-growth?3.What would be the concerns of a potential investor?Provide 3-5 APA style references both inline and at the end of the paper to support your analysis. Please write in 3rd person.You answered this question for Rhomeboy, but only provided one reference at the end even though there are in text citations in the essay. Can you please give me the other references?


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