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ACC260 Research Project (Only part 1 needed)




Question;ACC260;Research Project;This project will take the place of your;final exam for this course.;There will be three different parts to this;project that students will be required to submit.;Part 1. The written case review and audit;firm recommendation.;Part 2. A presentation of the case review;and your recommendation to the audit firm partners.;Part 3. A peer review of your classmates?;presentation from an audit firm partner point of view.;You are an audit manager for an audit;firm. One of your duties is to conduct a;review of perspective audit clients and report your findings to the firm?s;partners. For this assignment you will select a company and assume the company;has just asked your audit firm to conduct the next fiscal year audit of their;Financial Statements and their Internal Control over Financial Reporting.;To select a company, (this must be a;company, not an individual or an audit firm) find a public corporation that has;been involved with an SEC Litigation, or an SEC Auditing & Accounting Enforcement;Action within the past three years, or a private company that has received a;Qualified Audit Opinion within the Past 3 Years. Some helpful websites to;conduct your search include the following;SEC Litigation;Releases;;Auditing;Acctg Enforcement releases.;Company Searches;Part 1.;Prepare a written report to the audit partners. To be a minimum of 3 and;a maximum of 5 pages. Not including the title page and reference page. Use;proper MLA writing, and remember that this is a report to the auditors so you;have a knowledgeable recipient of this report.;This report is to include the following;sections.;?;Introduce the company and give;their background information.;?;Provide a detailed explanation;of the incident described in the Litigation.;?;Describe an internal control;system the company could have had in place to avoid being involved with this;type of situation.;?;Provide a detailed plan an;auditor may use to discover such an incident.;?;Provide a brief summary and;make a recommendation on how the firm should move forward with the engagement;letter.;Part 2. Prepare a three to five minute;presentation on your research and recommendations. Face 2 Face classes will;present their presentation in the classroom. Online students will be submitting;their presentation videos to a site designated by the instructor. The;presentation must include all five parts that are required and explained in the;written report.;Part 3. You will be required to turn in a;Partner Review of at least three presentations given by your classmates. You will critique your classmates for professional;presentation, understandability, ensuring all five parts of the assignment are;included, and effectiveness of their recommendation.;Students will be required to submit the;company name they intend to use in a Discussion on a first submitted gets the;company basis. Students will not be allowed to submit a report on the same;company another student has selected for that class session, nor will you be;allowed to use the company from the chapter 5 SEC enforcement assignment.


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