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B. Case Study in year 2000 (PHBWBL p...




B. Case Study in year 2000 (PHBWBL pp. 369-375). Read this case and answer the following questions: 1. What is your assessment of the long-term viability of Amazon's business model? 2. Do you agree with Ravi Suria's analysis of the credit risks associated with Amazon's bonds? (Support your answer with relevant ratio analysis. A spreadsheet file template of Amazon?s financial Statements 1997-1999 is available on Blackboard).) 3. Why did the markets (both bond and stock) react so significantly to Suria's report?,Hi Rachel, Thanks for the update. There's actually a solution posted on Course Hero for the Amazon case posted here that another tutor posted ... not sure if you share solutions, but I think the attachment 6393768.docx may have my answer. Thanks, Amy


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