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Please see attached document and emphasize the topic. Please respond by 09/09/2011,Please remeber the due date 09/09/2011. Thank you,The application of the concepts should be included in explaining the results from the problem. You submitted 2 pages instead 4 pages. Please include citation and references. Thanks,Please complete by 9/10/11. Before 6pm,The solution should consist of incorporating the results from the calculation into a flow of explanation in 3-4 pages. The second part is one page about cpam and npv,I already gave you the solutions a b c to the problem. The 3-4 pages is to explain and expand the calculations,I am not satisfied with one,In my previously attached document, I outlined the Info Systems Technology IST Problem, then I gave you the solution and asked two questions: Part A: Prepare 3-4 pages report on your conclusions, show calculations. Remember to use APA format and submit as a word document. Convert answers into 3-4 pages report that should consist of the following: Cover page, abstract, Introduction, body, conclusion and at least two references. Part B: Please answer the following question in one page. What ideas in corporate finance you consider to be the most important? Please elaborate on the NPV concept, on CAPM, and on efficient capital markets concept. Your attached document consist of an answer to B. My inquiry is in regard to question A and that's the most important for me as I need to incorporate a second opinion in my analysis. Please clarify this issue. Thank you,Unfortunately, the due date was over and I had to turn in my assignment incomplete. I did not open your link so you know it's no longer useful for me. Thanks. I expect not to be charged. Thank you for your understanding.


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