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I want to ask you if you can do me this work: My team and I will do a presentaion tomorrow each of us has a part my is A discussion of the 3 risks for choosing our recommendation and what the company should do to reduce those risks. Financial, Brand Equity, Redundant Operations ( 3 minutes ) my friend and I will do this part so each of us will talk about 3 risks our slides under ( nawa ) name I attached the powerpoint so please tell me if you can do it Here's our strategy in a nutshell: Kandahar is a small example of Tim Horton's (TH) challenges entering new markets. Because Kandahar is a special case (one store) and is subsidized by the Canadian goverment, it would be silly for us to focus on it for the case. A bigger issue is TH's challenges entering any foreign market outside Canada. While TH enjoys lucrative success in Canada, it is the mature stage of the life-cycle, and if it doesn't revitalize it's strategy, it risks losing brand affinity, and passing by opportunities in new markets. Currently, TH has 300 stores in Canada and ##% of the US market share. There is huge room for growth, but entry has been slow and TH cannot capitalized on it's Canadian brand in the US. It needs a new strategy and our group has come up with 3 alternatives. We picked key decision criteria that are important for measuring the alternatives. Then, we discovered, mathematically, that the best alternative is for TH to change it's view of itself as "a Canadian Company doing a little business in the US", to a "Globally-focused Company" that understands the TH Canadian strategy may work well in Canada but not in any other country. Therefore, head office should make 2 new divisions, Canada and US. These 2 divisions would have separate business functions that are appropriate for their local market. These 2 divisions would both report to the CEO and CFO, but may do business in different ways. We will then discuss the action plan. Finally, implementing a new org. structure is not without risk! We will talk about the risks of implementing a new structure and the strategies we can employ from the start to mitigate those risks! It is important to realize that we're not suggesting TH make these changes quickly or without thought, however, this new strategy will set the framework for when TH decides to enter into other new markets like Europe, China, and Asia ($87B fast-food market).


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