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Question;For each of the following items, indicate;by using the appropriate code letter, how the item should be reported in the;statement of cash flows, using the indirect method.;A.;Added to net income;B.;Deducted from net income;C.;Cash outflow ? investing;activity;D.;Cash inflow ? investing;activity;E.;Cash outflow ? financing;activity;F.;Cash inflow ? financing;activity;G.;Significant noncash investing;and financing activity;Decrease in accounts payable during a period.;Declaration and payment of a cash dividend.;Loss on a sale of Land.;Decrease in accounts receivable during a period.;Redemption of bonds for cash.;Proceeds from sale of equipment at book value.;Issuance of common stock for cash.;Purchase of a building for cash;Acquisition of land in exchange for common stock.;Increase in merchandise inventory during a period.


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