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Attached are my 3 free questions for today. Please...




Attached are my 3 free questions for today. Please show you work. Three free questions each day: Today my 3 are: Chapter 2 Question 16 (L01&3) Earnings per share and retained earnings Company had operating profit of 210,000. Interest expense for the year was 30,000; preferred dividends paid were 24,700; and common dividends were 36,000. The tax was 59,300. The firm has 16,000 shares of common stock outstanding. Calculate earnings per share and the common dividends per share What was the increase in retained earnings for the year Question 21 Depreciation and cash flow (L05) Jupiter Company has a gross profit of 700,000 and 240,000 in depreciation expense. Saturn company also has 700,00 in gross profit with 40,000 in depreciation expense. Selling and administrative expense is 160,000 for each company. given that the tax rate is 40% compute the cash flow for both companies. Explain the difference in cash flow between the two firms. Question 24 Book value and market value (L02&3) Rockford Corporation has assets of 380,000 current liabilities of 40,000 and long-term liabilities of 70,000. There is 30,000 in preferred stock outstanding: 20,000 shares of common stock have been issued Compute book value (net worth) per share If there is 25,000 in earnings available to common stockholders and Rockford's stock has a P/E of 15 times earnings per share, what is the current price of stock? What is the ratio of market value per share to book value per share


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