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Question;Question 1Louis Welch is general manager of United Tanning Salons. During 2012, Welch worked for thecompany all year at a $6,200 monthly salary. He also earned a year-end bonus equal to 10% ofhis salary.Welchs federal income tax withheld during 2012 was $850 per month, plus $974 on his bonuscheck. State income tax withheld came to $70 per month, plus $40 on the bonus. The FICA taxwithheld was 7.65% of the first $106,800 in annual earnings. Welch authorized the followingpayroll deductions: Charity Fund contribution of 1% of total (gross) earnings and life insuranceof $5 per month.United incurred payroll tax expense on Welch for FICA tax of 7.65% of the first $106,800 inannual earnings. The company also paid state unemployment tax of 5.4% and federalunemployment tax of 0.8% on the first $7,000 in annual earnings. In addition, United providesWelch with health insurance at a cost of $150 per month (to the company). During 2012, Unitedpaid $4,000 into Welchs retirement plan.Requirements1. Compute Welchs gross pay (including bonus), payroll deductions, and net pay for thefull year 2012. Round all amounts to the nearest dollar. (Example $21.43 will be $21.00and $21.51 will be $22.00).2. Compute Uniteds total 2012 payroll expense for Welch.3. Make the journal entry to record Uniteds expense for Welchs total earnings for the year,the payroll deductions, and net pay. The net pay was paid in cash to Welch, all otherwithholdings are payable and have not yet been paid. (You need to make the employeeand employer entries)..Question 2On January 3, 2012, Trusty Delivery Service purchased a truck at a cost of $90,000. Beforeplacing the truck in service, Trusty spent $3,000 painting it, $1,500 replacing the tires, and$4,500 overhauling the engine (the costs are all part of the purchase costs of the truck). The truckshould remain in service for five years and have a residual value of $9,000. The trucks annualmileage is expected to be 22,500 miles in each of the first four years and 10,000 miles in the fifthyear- 100,000 miles in total. In deciding which depreciation method to use, Mikail Johnson, thegeneral manager, requests a depreciation schedule for each of the depreciation methods (straightline, units of production, and double-declining balance).Requirements1. Prepare a depreciation schedule for each depreciation method, showing asset cost,depreciation expense, accumulated depreciation, and asset book value.2. Assume that Trusty prepares financial statements using the depreciation method thatreports the highest net income in the early years of asset use. Identify the depreciationmethod that meets this objective and show the journal entry that Trusty would make inthe first year.3. Assume that the tax authorities allow Trusty to use any depreciation method and thatTrusty uses the depreciation method that minimizes income taxes in the early years ofasset use. Identify the depreciation method that meets this objective and show the journalentry that Trusty would make in the first year.Question 3The following selected accounts appear in the ledger of Patton Environmental Inc. on July 1,2012, the beginning of the current fiscal year:Preferred 2% stock, $75 par (40,000 shares authorized,20,000 shares issued)Paid-In Capital In Excess of Par- Preferred Stock$1,500,000240,000Common Stock, $15 par (500,000 shares authorized,260,000 shares issued)3,900,000Paid-In Capital In Excess of Par- Common StockRetained Earnings400,00012,750,000During the year, the corporation completed a number of transactions affecting the stockholdersequity. They are summarized below. Journalize the entries to record the transactions.(1) Issued 50,000 shares of common stock at $20, receiving cash.(2) Issued 10,000 shares of preferred 2% stock at $92.(3) Purchased 30,000 shares of treasury common for $480,000.(4) Sold 15,000 shares of treasury common for $322, 500.(5) Sold 10,000 shares of treasury common for $155,000.(6) Declared cash dividends of $1.50 per share on preferred stock and $0.04 per share oncommon stock.(7) Paid the cash dividends.RequirementsJournalize the above transactions.Question 4The following transactions of Brooks Garrett occurred during 2012:Apr 30 Garrett is party to a patent infringement lawsuit, as a defendant, of $200,000. Garrettsattorney is certain that it is remote that Garrett will lose the lawsuit (in otherwords, it is very likely that he will win the lawsuit).Jun 30 Estimated warranty expense at 2% of sales of $400,000.Jul 28 Warranty claims paid in the amount of $6,000.Sep 30 Garrett is party to a lawsuit for copyright violation of $100,000 (he is the defendant).Garretts attorney advises that it is probable Garrett will lose the lawsuit.Dec 31 Garrett estimates warranty expense on sales for the second half of the year of $500,000 at2%.RequirementsJournalize the above transactions.


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