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Question;Use the 2013 financial at statements for Cleveland Clinic foundQuestion11. Cleveland Clinic provides a functional classification of expensesA. Nowhere in the reportB. In the notes to the financial statementsC. in the Statement of Functional ExpensesD. in the Operating statement2. Cleveland Clinic would be which of the following types of organizations?B. A business-oriented not-for-profit organizationC. A governmental organization organized as a nD. A proprietary organization3. What percentage of net patient service r in the most recent tear?A. Cannot be determined from the reportB. 7%C. 93%D. 61%4. What amount (in thousands) of the balance ow is expected to be uncollectible fromA: 410945B: 181010C: 182405D: 3134405. How much does Cleveland Clinic expect to co (in thousands)?A. 0B. 55675C. 13545710. D. 44896E. Cannot be determined6.What is the cost of charity care provided in the most recent A. cannot be determined from the reportB. some other amountC. 171 millionD. 155 million7. Cash received from restricted gifts is con statement of cash flows?A.operatingactivityB.DoesnotappearinthestatementofcashflowC.FinancialactivityD.Investingactivity8. Which of the following is true regarding the aA. There is no indication that a single audit was conductedB. A single audit was conductedC A single audit was not conducted because thisThe single audit act.


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