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Question;SafeRide, Inc. produces air bag systems that it sells to North American automobile manufacturers. Although the company has a capacity of 300,000 units per year, it is currently producing at an annual rate of 180,000 units.SafeRide, Inc. has received an order from a German manufacturer to purchase 60,000 units at $9.00 each.Budgeted costs for 180,000 and 240,000 units are as follows:180,000 Units 240,000 UnitsManufacturing costsDirect materialsDirect laborSelling and administrativeTotalCosts per unitManufacturingSelling and administrativeTotal1,980,000765,0002,280,000780,000$ 3,060,000$ 11.004.25$ 9.503.25$ 15.25Total$ 600,000420,0001,260,000$ 2,745,000Factory overhead$ 450,000315,0001,215,000$ 12.75Sales to North American manufacturers are priced at $20 per unit, but the sales manager believes the companyshould aggressively seek the German business even if it results in a loss of $3.75 per unit. She believesobtaining this order would open up several new markets for the company's product. The general managercommented that the company cannot tighten its belt to absorb the $225,000 loss ($3.75 60,000) it wouldincur if the order is accepted.(a) Calculate the net benefit (cost) of accepting the order from the German business.(b) Calculate the net benefit (cost) of accepting the order from the German business, assuming thecompany is operating at full capacity.


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