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Assignment 4.2: Project: Market Feasibility




Question;Assignment 4.2: Project: Market FeasibilityIn this module, the aim is to show how the typical marketing techniques apply in the various local contexts that a transnational marketer encounters. You will explore the degree to which the local markets need to be treated differently or can be coordinated through transnational market segmentation and product positioning. You are also reaching the halfway point for your course project, which is an important milestone.Procedure1.Review the Project page if necessary. 2.Identify and analyze the local versus global marketing implications for your company, country, and product or service. 3.Refine and expand your research so that you can analyze your target market in more detail. 4.Determine the degree of local adaptation that might be required and how you will approach segmentation. 5.Include with your summary:a.An executive summary, one-half to one page in length that covers Part I content (country and feasibility). ?Note: APA style requires an abstract rather than an executive summary. However, for your course project, please omit the abstract and include an executive summary instead.b.One section from Part I of your paper that is fully developed including proper editing and APA citations (one to two pages).c.A references page formatted in APA style containing all sources used to date.


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