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ACC Module 10 Assignment - Gooseberry Inc.




Question;Module 10 Assignment:Gooseberry Inc. had a cash balance on the books of $6171 on May 31. Cash records for May show the following:Debits/DepositsCredits/Payments271654489636720378775881269702002267Gooseberry Inc. received the following bank Statement for May:Bank Statement for MayBeginning BalanceDeposits and other additions:$4,045May 1510151831625 EFT2,7165448963671,000 BCChecks and other deductions:May 815 (check number 1416)1922 (check number 1417)29 (check number 1418)31 (check number 1419)31$6,148441 NSF8340 EFT7758821625 SC-$1,893$8,300Additional Data:The EFT deposti was a receipt of rent revenue. The EFT debit was payment of insurance expense.The NSF check was received from a customerThe $1000 bank collection was for a note receivableThe correct amount of check 1419 is $216. Gooseberry Inc. mistakingly recorded the check for $126Requirements:1Prepare the bank reconciliation.GooseberryBank ReconciliationMay 31, 20##2Prepare the journal entries.JournalDateAccountsPost. RefDebitCreditRequirements:Prepare the bank reconciliation.Prepare the journal entries.


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