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Question;DeVry University;ACCT346 Weekly Assignment;Week 3;Directions: Please answer all questions below and be sure to;show all of your calculation work in the boxes provided in order to earn full;credit. Note that Question #2 has 2 parts, Part A and Part B. If you need more;room for your answers, just add more rows or columns to the boxes, if needed.;1. Beginning WIP inventory is 15,500 units, 75% complete for;materials. During the month, 90,000 units were started, 87,000 were finished;and ending WIP was 18,500 units that were 50% complete for materials.;How many equivalent units should be used to allocate costs;for materials? Or in other words, what are the total equivalent units of;production with respect to materials? (Assume that the weighted average method;is used, not FIFO.);2. During a period;38,200 units were completed and 4,200 units were in ending WIP inventory.;Ending WIP was 75% complete for direct materials and 50% complete for;conversion costs.;2a. What are the total equivalent units for direct materials?;2b. What are the total equivalent units for conversion;costs?


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