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James and Pamela Brock and William Brock-Tax Form




Question;The following information has been provided to you, the Brock's tax preparer, by the followingmembers of the Brock household:Type of DocumentationJames & Pamela BrockWilliam Brock$135,000$9,000$800$2,200$7,500$22,000$320$900$1,650N/A$400,000N/A$3,000N/AN/A$21,600Net income from Westchester Wood$32,500N/AGift from parent$27,000N/AN/A$20,4001099-G: UnemploymentCompensation$1,200N/AAdoption assistance$11,500N/AEmployer paid medical benefits$10,000$1,200W-2: Wage and Tax Statements1099-Div: Dividends andDistributionsBrokerage statement indicated thata stock investment increased invalue but was not sold1099-Int: Interest IncomeGambling winningsInsurance proceeds paid tobeneficiaryRental income net of expenses1099-R: Distributions FromPensions, Annuities, Retirement orProfit-Sharing Plans, IRAs,Insurance Contracts, etc.SSA-1099: Social Security Benefits1099-Misc: Miscellaneous Income Nonemployee Income$1,500N/AEducational assistance$5,000N/ARequired:Prepare Page 1 of Form 1040 for:James and Pamela Brock and William Brock.If calculations are necessary to determine an amount to include or exclude from gross income, pleaseprovide the calculations.Save your assignment in an Excel document.


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