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POST ACC111 Unit 2 - Chapter 2 DEBIT AND Credit Matching Exercise




Question;Question 1;0 out of 0;points;Match the account to the effect of debits.;Question;Answers;Cash;A;debit will increase this account.;Retained;earnings;A;debit will decrease this account.;Accounts;payable;\A;debit will decrease this account.;Land;A;debit will increase this account.;Building;A;debit will increase this account.;Accounts;receivable;A;debit will increase this account.;Supplies;A;debit will increase this account.;Capital;A;debit will decrease this account.;Notes;payable;A;debit will decrease this account.;Equipment;\.;A;debit will increase this account.;Question 1;0 out of 0;points;Match;the account to the effect of credits.;Question;Answers;Cash;A;credit will decrease this account.;Retained;earnings;A;credit will increase this account.;Accounts;payable;A;credit will increase this account.;Land;A;credit will decrease this account.;Building;A;credit will decrease this account.;Accounts;receivable;A;credit will decrease this account.;Supplies;A;credit will decrease this account.;Capital;credit will increase this account.;Notes;payable;A;credit will increase this account.;Equipment;A;credit will decrease this account.


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