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Excel is preferred. Whenever possible, please prov...




Excel is preferred. Whenever possible, please provide equation data (if I click on answer cell) as it will help me considerably with studying. Any NPV, PV, IRR etc formulas are fine. Simply detail for clarification, I will leave the extent up to you, Clear enough to practice the formulas independently in new Excel Doc. And no problem with the MC questions, as long as I am dishing out cash, I though it best to have a second opinion on matters. The others (51-75) would be nice to have procedures for study reasons. No problem using one Excel doc w/ multiple sheets. You are a life saver as my tutor is away. I hope the submission time ok, I changed it until Friday. Thank you!,I placed the $400 deposit a second time, please only use one. I am assuming the original $50 is cancelled. Thank you. Difficult to keep up with this format. When you are all set, please confirm that we have the same outcome in mind. Thank you. I will attach the file again.,I am hoping that is everything as I am unable to locate the reference #'s on any of our correspondences, but...O.K. Thank you.


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