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Question;RESEARCH PAPER IIThis is the final-term paper and second of the two papers. In the second researchpaper, you will discuss and explain the application of modified accrual revenuerecognition and governmental fund expenditure recognition guidance. You will alsoexplain the process of fund financial statements and government-wide financialstatements and the components of Comprehensive Annual Financial Report of astate and local government. Use the Internet and library resources to locate at leastthree journal articles relating to governmental accounting and reporting, apart therelevant chapters in the book. Make sure you discuss the following:a) Discuss the application of modified accrual revenue recognition in SLGaccountingb) Discuss the application of governmental fund expenditure recognition guidance.c) Explain the concept and content of the fund financial statements and thegovernment- wide financial statements.d) Explain the preparation of the government- wide financial statements usinginformation derived in the conversion worksheets.e) Explain the components of a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).Length:Minimum of 6 pages (app. 350 words per page in a APA-format apart from the title,abstract and reference pages)Layout:1.The paper should have a title, which relates to your paper, do not title it as"Paper 2", be creative. The title should be between 10-12 words.2.The paper should have an abstract of not more than 150 words, whichprovides high-level summary of the paper including the purpose, method,and findings of your review (write this at the end).3.The paper should have an introduction section of about half a page in whichyou will provide a general overview of the issues. You may start by saying "Ihave described, in this paper, the modified accrual revenue recognition....4.The paper will have a literature review section. This is the critical analysisand synthesis of the Internet sources that you have used to write this paper.The first will be the relevant sections of the textbook itself and the threejournal articles relating to governmental accounting and reporting. Thissection is typically 3 pages long. Each source needs to be reviewed in abouthalf page. Do not just give a summary, synthesize the ideas. No bullet pointsplease.5.The paper will have a discussion/findings section. This is where you willaddress the triggers. Have at 3 quarter of a page for each trigger. Typically,this section will be about 3 pages.6.The paper will have a recommendations and a conclusion section. You needto build your recommendation from the discussion section and providerecommendations. A paragraph will be fine for recommendation. The7.conclusion paragraph needs to tie back to your introduction, literaturereview, discussion and recommendations. Essentially, this part should bewhat you have learned from the readings and writing this paper.The last section is the references. List the reference alphabetically andfollowing APA.Note: Follow APA 6th edition for cover page, citation, organization, and referencesof the paper.APA Style Resource PagesThe Basics of APA Style - Formatting and Style Guide - great audio tutorial on APA style: listen and learn. paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and conceptsthat are expected of an upper-level class. Your response should reflect scholarlywriting and current APA standards.


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