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Question;Project1. Open the folder Project Template2. There are four worksheets for April, May, June and Consolidated. The tabs are labeled.For each of the three months, complete the worksheet as follows:a. Insert formula for Rental Income (UNITS X OCCPANCY X RENT PER UNIT)b. Insert a formula for monthly payment using the PMT function. The result willshow as a negative number in RED and that is correct. Leave it as a negative.c. Insert formula for Gross Profit (RENT INCOME + MONTHLY PAYMENT)d. Copy all formulas downe. Insert formulas for totals at the bottom for columns F,G,H,K,L and M.f. Format all numbers for zero decimal places and to show comma for thousands.3. Open the CONSOLIDATED worksheet and insert formulas to total the three months of data for Rental Income, Monthly Payment and Gross Profit.4. Format the Consolidated Worksheet for zero decimal and bold the column headings and Title. Feel free to add colors if you wish.5. Using the consolidated worksheet, create a Pivot Tool Table for the consolidated sheet, which shows The name of the development within county. Then show the Sum of the Rental Income and Gross Profit for each Development. See exhibit on next page.6. Open the Query sheet and query the music database to show only those records with the LABEL of CAPITOL7. Open the SORT sheet and sort the music database by ARTIS from A to Z.


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