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ACC 616 Module 3 ARP Sections 4 and 5




Question;ANNUAL REPORT PROJECT - ASSIGNMENT 4 ? 1 company;THE BALANCE SHEET;Name;of company chosen;THEBASICS;Locate the company?s balance sheet. Balance sheet date;Page;on which balance sheet appears;1. The accounting equation is Assets = Liabilities + Stockholders?;Equity. Replacing the words in the accounting equation with dollar amounts;give the company?s accounting equation at the end of the current and prior;years.;Assets = Liabilities +;Equity;This;year;Last;year;2. Calculate the company?s current ratio for both this year and;the prior year.;Show your computations.;This;year;Last;year: = ___________________ =;Explain;what information this ratio provides. (Hint: See the Financial Statement;Analysis;chapter;of your textbook.)Use complete;sentences.;Has;the current ratio improved or worsened? Explain.Use complete;sentences.;Calculate the company?s debt to total assets ratio (also called;total debt to equity) for both this year and the prior year.Show your computations.;This;year;Last;year: = ___________________ =;Explain;what information this ratio provides.Use complete;sentences.;Has;the ratio improved or worsened? Explain.Use complete sentences.;3. Compare these ratios to industry averages.;Use the ratios you printed in Assignment 3.;Your company Industry;Current;ratio;Debt;to equity ratio;How;do the results for your company compare to industry averages?;ANNUAL REPORT PROJECT - ASSIGNMENT 5 ? 1 company;THE INCOME STATEMENT;Name;of company chosen;Locate the company?s income statement.;What;is the period covered by the income statement?;What;is the page on which the income statement appears?;THEBASICS;1. Does the format of the statement more closely follow a;single-step or a multiple-step format?;How;can you tell?;2. Calculate the following ratios for each of the three years;presented.;Show your computations.;Current year Last year Two years ago;?Gross profit rate (%);?Ratio of operating;expenses;to sales (or operating revenue) (%);?Profit margin (%);Net income/sales or operating revenues;?Return on assets;Net;income/average total assets;You will find prior;years? assets in the Five-Year Summary of Selected Financial Data.;3. Compare these ratios to industry averages.(Note: The gross profit rate may also be called;the gross margin. The ratio of operating expenses to sales may also be called;the operating margin. The profit margin percentage may also be called the net;profit margin.);Your;company Industry;Gross;profit rate;Operating;margin;Profit;margin;Return;on assets;How;do the results for your company compare to industry averages?


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