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Question;I have a Term Project that I would to ask your help on. Can you review the attachments and let me know if you can accept this project. I would need it in less than two weeks. A week and one half to be specific. Please review and let me know your thoughts.Attached is the term project guidelines along with the case, as well as, 1. sample project paper, 2. sample project spreadsheet, and 3. project PPT presentation.************************************************************************* Term Project: Students are required to complete a Term;Project that will involve problem analysis, model development, and use of;appropriate software to solve the problem. For the project, students will;complete the Julia?s Food Booth problem at the end of Chapter 9. Each student;will submit (1) a written report on the project, (2) a spreadsheet containing;the computer solution, and (3) a visual presentation (e.g., PowerPoint). **;- Report with Spreadsheet (10% of course grade). You are required to submit;a written business report about the assigned exercise. This report is to;provide all the details in the problem analysis and solution and provide a;permanent, written example of the work you have done to solve the problem for;the business. Assume that your pay for the toil you put into this project is;dependent on the success of these deliverables. The report should consist of;two parts;1. Microsoft Word document including the material below: Problem statement Discussion of model;formulation and the computer solution Evaluation and answers to the questions;in the topic (if appropriate);2. Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file used to solve the model.;Presentation (6% of course grade) you are required to prepare a Microsoft;PowerPoint presentation of adequate length to explain the problem, solution;and evaluation of the solution (generally, 10-15 slides). The purpose of the;presentation is to explain the problem, solution, and evaluation of your;project to your colleagues or senior management. Do not simply repeat the;material in the written report or avoid too much detail. Instead, assume this;is the key feature of your explanation of what your team has developed to solve;the problem. The management team of your contracting business will watch your presentation;and use the written report for back-up details as desired. Much of their;decision on the project will be based on this presentation and how effectively;you sell your solution.;Julia?s Food Booth;Julia Robertson is a senior at tech, and she's investigating different ways;to finance her final year at school. She is considering leasing a food booth;outside the tech stadium at home football games. Tech sells out every home;game, and Julia knows, from attending the games herself, that everyone eats a lot;of food. She has to pay $1,000.00 per game for a booth, and the booths are not;very large. Vendors can sell either food or drinks on Tech property, but not;both. Only the Tech athletic department concession stands can sell both inside;the stadium. She thinks slices of cheese pizza, hot dogs, and barbecue;sandwiches are the most popular food items among fans and so these are the;items she would sell.;Most food items are sold during the hour before the game starts and during;half time, thus it will not be possible for Julia to prepare the food while she;is selling it. She must prepare the food ahead of time and then store it in a;warming oven. For $600.00 she can lease a warming oven for the six-game home;season. The oven has 16 shelves, and each shelf is 3 feet by 4 feet. She plans;to fill the oven with the the three food items before the game and then again;before half time. Julia has negotiated with a local pizza delivery company to;deliver 14-inch cheese pizza twice each game-2 hours before the game and right;after the opening kickoff. Each pizza will cost $6.00 and will include 8;slices. She estimates it will cost her $.45 for each hot dog and $.90 for each;barbecue sandwich if she makes the barbecue herself the night before. She;measured a hot dog and found it takes up about 16 square inches of space;whereas a barbecue sandwich takes up about 25 square inches. She plans to sell;a slice of pizza and a hot dog for $1.50 apiece and a barbecue sandwich for;$2.25. She has $1,500.00 in cash available to purchase and prepare the food;items for the first home game, for the remaining five games she will purchases;her ingredients with money she has made from the previous game.;Julia has talked to some students and vendors who have sold food at;previous football games at Tech as well at other universities. From this she;has discovered that she can expect to sell at least as many slices of pizza as;hot dogs and barbecue sandwiches combined. She also anticipates that she will;probably sell at least twice as many hot dogs as barbecue sandwiches. She;believes that she will sell everything she can stock and develop a customer;base for the season if she follows these general guidelines for demand.;If Julia clears at least $1,000 in profit for each game after paying all;her expenses, she believes it will be worth leasing the booth.;A. Formulate and solve a linear;programming model for Julia that will help you advise her if she should lease;the booth.;B. If Julia were to borrow some more;money from a friend before the first game to purchase more ingredients, could;she increase her profit? If so, how much should she borrow and how much;additional profit would she make? What;factor constrains her from borrowing even more money than this amount;(indicated in your answer to the previous question)?;C. When Julia looked at the solution;in (A), she realized that it would be physically difficult for her to prepare;all the hot dogs and barbeque sandwiches indicated in this solution. She believes she can hire a friend of her to;help her for $100 per game. Based on the;results in (A) and (B), is this something you think she could reasonably do and;should do?;D. Julia seems to be basing her analysis;on the assumption that everything will go as she plans. What are some of the uncertain factors in the;model that could go wrong and adversely affect Julia?s analysis? Given these uncertainties and the results in;(A), (B), and (C), what do you recommend that Julia do?*******************************************************************************;THE TAMPA BAYS;Free Agent Hiring Plan;A Linear Programming Optimization Plan to Select;the Best Players;By;Student Name(s);The Tampa Bays;Free Agent Hiring Plan;CURRENT SITUATION;The Tampa Bays is a new professional basketball franchise in;Tampa, Florida. The team?s general;manager, Jerry West, and coach, Phil South, are trying to develop a roster of;players. They drafted seven players from;a pool to which the other teams in the league each contributed two players. However, the general manager and coach see the;players coming from other teams to be less talented. They feel that the only way to make their new;team a winner will be the free agents who are currently available on the;market. The team is well under the;salary cap, and the owner has made $50 million per year available for them to;sign players.;The coach and general manager have put together the attached;list of free agents, with important statistics for each, including their;rumored asking price in terms of annual salary;Free agents that need to be signed 5;Signed group need to average 75 points (15 per player);Signed group need to average 40 rebounds (8 per;player);Signed group need to average 26 assists;Signed group need to average 200 minutes (40 per;player);No more than two front court players;No more than two back court players;SCOPE OF WORK;The project team will develop of;roster of five free agents who will as a group meet the objective of the;organization at the minimum cost and contain the following information;Team Roster;Free Agents Optimal;Model Solution;Average Rebounds Comparison;of both Models;Average Assists Average;Minutes;Number of Front Court Players Number;of Back Court;Players;SOLUTION MODEL;To provide the Tampa Bays with the best selection of five;free agents that as a group will meet the objective of the franchise at the;minimum cost, the project team will use a linear programming model along with;the solution capabilities of Microsoft Excel and the tool, Solver. The solution model will contain the following;variables;xn = money (millions);fa = free agent;ap = Average Points;ar = Average Rebounds;aa = Average Assists;am = Average Minutes;sc = Salary Cap;fc = Front;Court;bc = Back Court;z = total cost;The total cost of production using the provided data and;variables is;Min Z=8.2x1+6.5x2+5.2x3+16.4x4+14.3x5+23.5x6+4.7x7+7.1x8+15.8x9+26.4x10+;19.5x11+8.6x12;With the following constraints;fa=5;4.7ap+12.6ap+13.5ap+27.1ap+18.1ap+22.8ap+9.3ap+10.2ap+16.9ap+28.5ap+24.8ap+11.3ap>=80;4.4ar+10.6ar+8.7ar+7.1ar+7.5ar+9.5ar+12.2ar+12.6ar+2.5ar+6.5ar+8.6ar+12.5ar>=40;9.3aa+2.1aa+1.7aa+4.5aa+5.1aa+2.4aa+3.5aa+1.8aa+11.4aa+1.3aa+6.9aa+3.2aa>=26;40.3am+34.5am+29.3am+42.5am+41am+38.5am+31.5am+44.4am+42.7am+38.1am+42.6am+39.5am>=200;fcx1=2;bcx1=3;xi = 0 or 1, 0 if not selected and 1 if selected;Non-negative results;ar, ap, aa, am>=0;SOLVER RESULTS;Using the above information, along with the constraints, the;following five players were selected with the appropriate number of front court;players and back court players;Players;Selected;Mack;Madonna;Silk Curry;Ramon Dion;Joe;Eastcoast;Antoine;Roadman;Limitation;5 free;agents;5;Avg;Points>80;80;Avg;Rebounds>40;40;Avg;Assists>25;26;Avg Minutes;200;# of Front;and Back End Players;Front Court;2;Back Court;3;In order to meet all of the required limitations, the;franchise would have to spend $51.5 million dollars.;SOLVER RESULTS;The Tampa Bays owner has $50 million to spend to sign a;group of players. The owner wants to;meet the objective at minimum cost. We developed an optimal solution to select;a group of players and minimize cost. In;order to meet all of the constraints, it will be necessary for the franchise to;spend $51.5 million. Since the money was;not sufficient to sign the players, it was necessary to change the limitations;and see if we maximize the average points. This would help us stay under the $50 million;available for expenditure. We developed;an optimal solution to select a group of players that would maximize the points;and stay below the salary cap. The;optimal solution showed us that if the team maximizes the average points we;would not be able to meet the criteria of average assists and average minutes for;the group of players. However, the;changes are slight and the added projected number of rebounds should enhance;scoring.;2nd SOLUTION ? ALTERNATIVE;The owner has said he only has $50 million to obtain free;agents. Does he have the additional $1.5 million to sign the group of;players? If the money is not available;it will be necessary to change the limitations on the formula to maximize the;finances available. To do this average;salary cap will be used as a constraint and the objective is to maximize the;average points of the group.;SOLVER RESULTS;Using the information along with the new limitations, the;following players were selected as the best group that will maximize the points;for the franchise;Players;Selected;Darrell;Boards;1.00;Silk Curry;1.00;Ramon Dion;1.00;Joe Eastcoast;1.00;Antoine;Roadman;1.00;Limitation;5 free;agents;5;Salary Cap;=40;46.5;Avg Assists;=25;15.2;Avg Minutes;=200;191.7;# of Front;and Back End Players;Front Court;2;Back Court;3;Score;81.5;As you can see for the franchise to spend only 50M and;maximize points scored, they would not be able to meet the criteria of Average;Assists > 25 constraint or the Average Minutes of >=200 constraint. The;score criterion in the previous situation was exceeded and increase in rebounds;will help with the scoring and assists. The loss of less than 8 minutes overall;or less than 2 minutes per player should not be a major problem.;If the owner cannot provide the additional $1.5 million for;the first solution, we recommend the adoption of the second solution.*****************************************************************


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