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Devry ACCT 304 Week 4 Midterm Set 2




Question. (TCO 1) One of the implications of technology in HRM is;2. (TCO 1) All of these are workforce diversity characteristics, except;3. (TCO 2) A small distribution organization uses a payroll company to;provide employee compensation services and keep timesheet records and;employee attendance history. This situation is an example of;4. (TCO 2) A large manufacturing organization with 20 geographically;dispersed production facilities recently cut its HRM staff by 60%. Each;site has a few generalists, but specialist needs in recruiting and;selection planning, employment law, training, and benefits;administration have been consolidated into one location. This situation;is an example of;5. (TCO 3) A company used a personality test to select job candidates;for customer service positions. There were 40 male candidates and 20;female candidates. It appeared that 30 men passed the personality test;and five women passed the personality test. Was there evidence of;disparate impact against female candidates with this personality test?;6. (TCO 3) Under Title VII, the first measure of determining potentially discriminatory practices is;7. (TCO 3) Which of the following laws extended leave for family matters?;8. (TCO 4) Sharon, vice president of human resources for a large;textile firm, is in a strategic restructuring meeting. The discussion;topics include which one of the three production facilities to close.;There are 40 employees at each of the facilities. When asked, "What;should we tell the employees?" Sharon responds;9. (TCO 5) Leona has gathered job analysis data with a structured;questionnaire for managerial jobs in remote locations of her firm. Exit;interviews have produced comments such as, "You should have told me what;was really expected." She wants to use an additional collection;technique to avoid misrepresentation in job descriptions. Leona's boss;told her, "Be thorough. Job analysis time and cost are nothing compared;to the cost of replacing these managers." Which method should she use?;10. (TCO 4) Which of the following is not one of the guidelines for administering discipline?;11. (TCO 5) This job analysis method requires job incumbents to record their daily activities.;12. (TCO 5) Where does job analysis occur in the strategic planning process?;13. (TCO 6) Jane is the director of recruiting for a large corporation.;Which of the following is a warning signal that her efforts are not;effective?;14. (TCO 6) A benefit of a good recruiting program is indicated by which of the following?;15. (TCO 6) What is the difference between a conditional job offer and a permanent job offer?;16. (TCO 6) Which of the following is an individual who is recruited as;an alternative to do specific work at a location on or off the;company's premises?;17. (TCO 7) In the selection process, the employment testing should occur after;18. (TCO 7) Why are performance simulation tests used more often today instead of written tests in the selection process?;19. (TCO 7) Application forms typically include all of the following except;20. (TCO 8) Which is not an on-the-job training method?;21. (TCO 8) What is an employee development method that involves;exercises such as case studies, decision games, and role plays?;22. (TCO 8) Shannon is in line for a senior vice president position at a;large hotel conglomerate. She has just received a letter appointing her;to the national environmental task force for water and electricity;conservation;23. (TCO 9) Hector is a research scientist in a large company. He;refuses to go to staff meetings but volunteers to attend conventions;where he receives recognition for his accomplishments. He holds 17;patents (more than two for each year he has been with his company, and;they are proudly displayed on his office wall), but will not work with;his manager on quarterly goals. What is Hector's Holland vocational;preferences type?;24. (TCO 9) Career stages are important to employee development. The traditional stages are;25. (TCO 9) Melissa prefers solitary work to large groups, asking;questions rather than answering them, and making her own rules instead;of following others. What Holland vocational preference model best;(TCO 3) Explain the role of EEOC;(TCO 7) You are trying to get a job as a recruiter for an HR department;for a large, multinational company. One of the questions you are asked;in your interview is to describe the following types of recruiting;methods, explain when you would most likely use each of them (i.e., what;kind of jobs), and why (at least one reason each.) What would you say;if the methods were online recruiting, career fairs, and employment;agencies?;(TCO 8) You have just been promoted at the BBB Company and now have the;responsibility of the employee orientation program. What components;should be covered in the program? Explain what would be covered in your;employee orientation program.


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