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BA 3500 Financial Management EXCEL ASSIGNMENT - Vintage Gifts, Inc.




Question;Use the following data to create an income statement and balance sheet for Colorful Nursery, Inc.You must use formulas or the sum function to add up the three areas of the balance sheet and thelines of the income statement. Right justify all numbers and round to the dollar. Underline thename of the company at the top. Write a short explanation of what you demonstrated with thisassignment.VintageGifts,Inc.hasjustcollectedthefollowingdatafor2011.Writeabalancesheetandincomestatement.AccountsReceivable250,000AccountsPayable 261,000CapitalSurplus170,750Cash180,000CommonStock300,000Costs410,000DepreciationExpense28,000Furniture&Fixtures200,000Goodwill50,000InterestExpense32,000Inventory115,000Land505,000LineofCredit(used)200,000LongTermLoan310,000RetainedEarnings?Sales575,000Dividends10,000Taxrate35%


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