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Question;P5-5 (Balance Sheet Adjustment and Preparation) Presented below is the balance year, 2010.SARGENT CORPORATION Balance Sheet December 31, 2010Current assets $ 485,000 Current liabilities $ 380,000Investments 640,000 Long-term liabilities 1,000,000Property, plant, and equipment 1,720,000 Stockholders' equity 1,770,000Intangible assets 305,000 $3,150,000$3,150,000The following information is presented.1.The current assets section includes: cash $150,000, accounts receivable $170,000 less $10,000 for allowance for doubtful accounts, inventories $180,000, and unearned revenue $5,000. Inventories are stated on the lower of FIFO cost or market.2.The investments section includes: the cash surrender value of a life insurance contract $40,000, investments in common stock, short-term (trading) $80,000 and long-term (available-for-sale) $270,000, and bond sinking fund $250,000. The cost and fair value of investments in common stock are the same.3.Property, plant, and equipment includes: buildings $1,040,000 less accumulated depreciation $360,000, equipment $450,000 less accumulated depreciation $180,000, land $500,000, and land held for future use $270,000.4.Intangible assets include: a franchise $165,000, goodwill $100,000, and discount on bonds payable $40,000.5.Current liabilities include: accounts payable $140,000, notes payable?short-term $80,000 and long-term $120,000, and taxes payable $40,000.6.Long-term liabilities are composed solely of 7% bonds payable due 2018.7.Stockholders' equity has: preferred stock, no par value, authorized 200,000 shares, issued 70,000 shares for $450,000, and common stock, $1.00 par value, authorized 400,000 shares, issued 100,000 shares at an average price of $10. In addition, the corporation has retained earnings of $320,000.Instructions Prepare a balance sheet in good form, adjusting the amounts in each balance sheet classification as affected by the information given above.


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