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Question;Problem 11-4A Analysis of changes in;stockholders' equity accounts LO C3, P2, P3;[The following information applies to;the questions displayed below.];The;equity sections from Atticus Group?s 2013 and 2014 year-end balance sheets;follow.;Stockholders?;Equity (December 31, 2013);Common;stock?$5 par value, 50,000 shares;authorized, 35,000 shares issued and outstanding;$;175,000;Paid-in;capital in excess of par value, common stock;135,000;Retained;earnings;360,000;Total;stockholders? equity;$;670,000;Stockholders?;Equity (December 31, 2014);Common;stock?$5 par value, 50,000 shares;authorized, 41,400 shares issued, 3,000 shares in;treasury;$;207,000;Paid-in;capital in excess of par value, common stock;167,000;Retained;earnings ($40,000 restricted by treasury stock);400,000;774,000;Less;cost of treasury stock;(40,000;Total;stockholders? equity;$;734,000;The;following transactions and events affected its equity during year 2014.;Jan.;5;Declared;a $0.40 per share cash dividend, date of record January 10.;Mar.;20;Purchased;treasury stock for cash.;Apr.;5;Declared;a $0.40 per share cash dividend, date of record April 10.;July;5;Declared;a $0.40 per share cash dividend, date of record July 10.;July;31;Declared;a 20% stock dividend when the stock?s market value is $10 per share.;Aug.;14;Issued;the stock dividend that was declared on July 31.;Oct.;5;Declared;a $0.40 per share cash dividend, date of record October 10.;references;1.;value:5.00 points;Problem;11-4A Part 1;Required;1.;How;many common shares are outstanding on each cash dividend date?;check my workreferencesebook;resources;2.;value:5.00 points;Problem;11-4A Part 2;2.;What is;the total dollar amount for each of the four cash dividends?;check my workreferencesebook;resources;3.;value:5.00 points;Problem;11-4A Part 3;3.;What is;the amount of the capitalization of retained earnings for the stock dividend?;check my workreferencesebook;resources;4.;value:5.00 points;Problem;11-4A Part 4;4.;What is;the per share cost of the treasury stock purchased? (Round your answer to 2 decimal places.);check my workreferencesebook;resources;5.;value:5.00 points;Problem;11-4A Part 5;5.;How;much net income did the company earn during year 2014?


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