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Question;ACG2021: Fall2014;COURSE PROJECT ? INSTRUCTIONS;PROJECT REQUIREMENTS;1. Each group must select from one of the;following companies;;RadioShack;Kellogg Co;2. Students will download documents including;the most recent;?;Quarterly;report (Form 10-Q);?;Proxy;statement (DEF-14A);?;Annual;report (Form 10-K);Note that you only need the Executive;Compensation table from theProxy Statement (DEF 14A).;Students can download the company;filings from the SEC EDGAR;(?electronic data gathering and analysis?) database.;Here is how to download the company;filings;Go;to the Securities and Exchange Commission home page ( select ?Search for Company Filings? to go to the;EDGAR database. Select ?Companies and Other Filers? and enter;the company name.;3. Students must;use the internet to find the daily closing stock price and the number of;shares traded for the common shares of their company and plot the last 12;months for both. A useful site is to obtain;this information is: Select ?Chart? and enter the ticker symbol in;the ?symbol lookup?. Select ?Historical;Quotes: daily? at the bottom of the page.;The historical prices are shown, with an option to download to a;spreadsheet at the bottom of the page.;Download;the daily closing prices and volume of shares traded into a spreadsheet (e.g.;Excel). Use the graph function to plot;the PRICES and SHARES traded each day into two;charts. You must prepare the charts yourself to receive full credit. Copying an existing graph is not acceptable.;The last page of this handout provides an example of the two charts.;4. The course project will be completed in two;parts. For Part Istudent answer the questions shown on the form provided;below. In addition to the questions;student will submit the following materials for Part I;?;Two charts: daily closing stock prices and;number of shares traded each day for the last twelve months;?;A;copy of the Executive Compensation Table;from the proxy statement (DEF 14A);?;Copy;of the balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flow on Form;10-Q.;5. For;Part IIstudent answer the questions;shown on the form provided below and prepare a memo. The memo;must be type written, using one-inch margins, single spacing and 12 point font.;In addition to providing answers to;the questions, students will submit the following materials for Part II;?;Memo to potential investors and;?;Copy;of the balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flow on Form10-K.;6. Additional;administrative requirements;?;Do;not turn in this page.;?;Fasten;loose pages and documents together.;?;Keep;a copy of your reports as a precaution.;ACG2021: Fall 2014;COVER PAGE: PART I;PART;I (You need Form 10-Q and Proxy Statement for Part I);Student;information;Student Names;Panther ID;Class;information;Section No.;1. Corporation information;a. Name;of corporation / Internet Address;b. Principle;product or service;c. Stock;market on which shares are traded;d._ Price;of a common share on date of this project;e. Number;of shares traded on date of this project;2. Industry;a. What;is the chief industry of the firm?;b. List;a few competitors;c. Is;the industry a growth or a mature industry?;Why?;3. Management information;a. Name;of chief executive officer (CEO);b. Name;of chief financial officer (CFO);c. Total;Compensation for most recent year for CEO;4. _ Quarterly Reports;a. Balance;Sheet date of quarterly report;b. Total;Revenue;c. Net;Income;d. Net Cash flow Increase (decrease);Part I: Don?t;forget to attach;?;Graphs: Daily stock closing;prices and volume of shares traded for the last twelve months;?;Annual compensation;table;from the proxy statement (just attach a copy of the compensation table);?;Copy;of the balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flow on Form 10-Q.;ACG2021: Fall2014;COVER PAGE: PART II;PART;II (You need Form 10-K for Part II);Student;information;Student Names;Panther ID;Class;information;Section No.;1. Auditor information;a. Name;of audit firm __________________________________ b. Date of auditor?s report;2. Annual financial statement information;a. Dates;of financial statements (Balance Sheet dates);b. Number;of years covered (Income Statements);3. Analysis of the balance sheet;a.;Total;assets ($);b.;Total;liabilities ($);c.;Inventory;flow assumption;d.;Depreciation;method;4. Ratio analysis (Please include the formula;and the calculations);a. Primary;(Basic) earnings per share;b. Current;ratio;c. Working;Capital;d. Return;on assets;e. Return;on equity;f. Debt;to equity;5. Analysis of the cash flow statement;a. Was;there a net cash inflow or outflow?;Include dollar amount.;b. Where;did the firm primarily spend cash? (give three examples);c. From;where did this cash come? (give three examples);ACG 2021:Fall;2014;COVER PAGE: PART II;6. Analysis of risk;List some economy and industry-wide;risk factors;7.;International;a. Does;the firm have significant foreign sales?;b. Does;the firm have significant foreign suppliers?;c. With;what countries does the firm have significant business relations?;d. Is;the firm vulnerable to currency fluctuations?;8. Would you rate this company as a ?BUY?, ?SELL? or;?HOLD??;9.__ On a separate page, prepare a type-written memo to potential investors;(approximately 400 words) summarizing your;analysis of the firm. Be sure to support;the position you take in question 8.;You may use the following assumptions;when writing your memo;?;The;reader does not know a lot about the company you are analyzing, so a brief;explanation of the business would be helpful.;?;The;reader has a general but limited understanding of accounting and financial;statement analysis ? therefore, when discussing ratios, etc. it would be;beneficial to explain why you used a;specific ratio or the purpose of the;ratio, not how the ratio is calculated.;?;The;majority of the memo should focus on your analysis;? remember, analysis should provide insight;a list of numbers without explanation is meaningless e.g. ask yourself?What;does this number mean? Why am I;including this result in my memo? Is the;result favorable? Unfavorable?;?;In;addition to content, you will be graded on your writing skills including;grammar and appropriate language.;?;Be;sure to cite any resources used.;Part II: Don?t forget to attach;?;Memo(Question 9). Memo must;be type-written, single spaced and 12 point font.;Copy of the balance sheet, income;statement and statement of cash flow on Form10-K.


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