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Question;Term Paper Details:You will be selecting the topic for your paper. It must be closely related to fraud examination.Requirements:1. Follow APA style guidelines using in-text citations with page numbers whether information is a direct quote or paraphrased, running head with page numbers,Arial12 point font, 1 inch margins and double spacing.2. Exception to APA style guidelines: Do not include an abstract.3. No pictures, tables, figures, etc., should be included in the body of your paper.They can be placed in an appendix to your paper but they will not count in thelength of your paper.4. Length of paper: a minimum of 15 full pages with a maximum of 20 full pages(this does NOT include the title page and reference list)5. Use a minimum of 6 sources. In addition to primary sources, use scholarlysecondary sources (for example, Wikipedia would not be a primary or scholarlysecondary source)6. Include the following in your paper:-title page-introduction-problem statement-history of the issues-recommended solutions-conclusion-reference list(Note: I do not mean for the introduction, problem statement, history,recommendations and conclusion to all be on separate pages. These are theareas that will be covered in your paper.)


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