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ACCT 3343 Final Term Project Detail Requirements Fall 2013




Question;Instructions:1. You may discuss this assignment with other students however, submission must be completedINDIVIDUALLY and be your own work.2. You must use Excel (.xls/.xlsx) to complete your assignment. Include your name in thefilename.3. Show work neatly. State any assumptions needed.4. Hand in your assignment in hard copy in class on November 25.. The entire project must betyped and presented in a professional manner.You must use Google Inc Financial Statements for the year ended 2008. Make sure youuse the audited annual financial statements or your answers may not be correct! (Youwill also need the 2007 balance sheet to calculate some prior year averages. Allinformation must come from these statements.1)Complete the horizontal analysis of the balance sheet for 2007-2008. Show the balancesheet figures and the $ change and % change.2) Complete the horizontal analysis of the income statement for 2007-2008 Show thebalance sheet figures and the $ change and % change.3) Complete the vertical analysis of the income statement for 2007-2008 Show the incomestatement figures and the appropriate %s.4) Complete the ratio calculations for 2007-2008 for all ratios as provided in the classhandout.- Show a complete reference to all calculations (this must be outside of the formulas inExcel).- State any assumptions you make.- You will need 2008 balance sheet for some of the averages.- If some ratios are not-applicable, state so and why.- If a ratio is already calculated within the GAAP statements, you can just state it andreference where you found it.- Use year-end closing market price for shares and quote your source.5) Provide a discussion of the competitive position of the firm and its financial health. Youranalysis should include a qualitative and quantitative analysis. Support your analysiswith the above quantitative analysis including ratio analysis, vertical and horizontalanalysis.6) The library project conducted during this term to access the position Google is in, alongwith their economic and competitive environment., will provide you the detail tocomplete the qualitative analysis. You may use the current information reviewed in thisassignment as part of your analysis along with anything you feel is relevant from theearlier time frame. However, you are only responsible for the current review of Google asoutlined in your library assignment.


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