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If you can help me solve 4-6 question by today or...




If you can help me solve 4-6 question by today or tomorrow. I will be happy to give you a deposit? 4. Analyze the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 as it relates to Medicaid managed care. Using differential cost analysis, tell me the full cost profit/loss and the differential cost profit/loss for Bobcat IDS?s 2006 Medicaid business and compare it to the following possible scenarios: ? Things remain as is ? We lose all our Medicaid business to County Hospital (the public facility) ? County Hospital subcontracts with us on a capitates rate (assume a similar capitates rate and utilization rate as the contract with the city?but remember, with more families!) 5. U. S. Attorneys are reviewing our billing practices and physician relationships. Explain to me what they?re looking for and whether you think we have any liability. What actions have been brought against hospitals like ours during the last two years? Do we need a corporate compliance plan, and, if so, what should it include? Do rural hospitals get any breaks in dealing with physicians? 6. Review current studies and literature and tell me what percent increases/decreases we can expect commercial rates, medicare rates, and medicaid rates to be over the next three years. What impact will those rate increases/decreases have on our operations?


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