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ACC - Loading Department of Bowman Freight Company




Question;The following data are from the general records of the Loading Department of Bowman Freight Company for November.?Cleaning incoming trucks, 20 minutes.?Obtaining and reviewing shipping documents for loading truck and instructing loaders, 30 minutes.?Loading truck, 1 hour and 30 minutes.?Cleaning shipping dock and storage area after each loading, 10 minutes.?Employees perform both cleaning and loading tasks and are currently averaging $14 per hour in wages and benefits.?The supervisor spends 10 percent of her time overseeing the cleaning activities, 60 percent overseeing various loading activities, and the remainder of her time making general plans and managing the department. Her current salary is $5,000 per month.?Other overhead of the department amounts to $10,000 per month, 20 percent for cleaning and 80 percent for loading.Prepare an activities budget for cleaning and loading in the Loading Department for November, assuming 20 working days and the loading of an average of 15 trucks per day. (Round your answers to two decimal places.)


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