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Coconino Pest Control _Journal to Trail Balance




Question;Quiz 1: Prepare and;record journal entries and Trial balance column of worksheet.;On;October 1, 2013, Sandra started Coconino Pest Control as a sole proprietorship;and has the following transactions;Oct 1 Sandra invested $55,000 cash.;Oct 1 Sandra borrowed $10,000 from National Bank by;signing a 24 month note at 6% interest.;Oct 1 Sandra purchased a computer system for;$21,000 and equipment for $8,400 both for cash.;Oct 3 The company purchased $1,420 of computer;supplies on credit from Staples.;Oct 6 The company billed customers $4,800 for pest;control services performed.;Oct;10 The company hired Tucker as a part-time;employee for $125 per day, as needed.;Oct;12 The company received $4,800 cash for;pest control services performed.;Oct;15 The company received $2,400 cash from customers for payment towards;accounts.;Oct;17 The company paid $800 cash for repair and maintenance of equipment.;Oct;20 The company paid $1,900 for;advertising in the local newspaper.;Oct;28 The company billed customers $2,200 for;pest control services performed.;Oct;31 The company paid $875 cash for Tuckers;wages for seven days of work this month.;Oct;31 Sandra withdrew $5000 cash;1. Record journal entries to general journal;2. Post the journal entries to the general ledger;accounts;3. Prepare the trial balance in the worksheet


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