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Explain how companies recognize accounts receivable




Question;UOP ACC 291 Wk 1 DQ;1-2;Explain how companies recognize accounts;receivable. How would you describe the entries to record the disposition of;accounts receivables? What is their function? How are bad debts accounted for;under the direct write-off method? What are the advantages and disadvantages of;this method?;**********************************************************************************;UOP ACC 291 Wk 1 DQ;1-2;How;would you describe the entries to record the disposition of accounts;receivables?What is their function?;***********************************************************************;UOP;ACC 291 Week 3 DQ 2;? What are the different types of;dividends corporations may issue? When should a corporation pay dividends? Do;you prefer a stock dividend or a cash dividend? Why?;? Why do corporations buy back their own;stock? What does it tell you about the corporation? What effect does the;purchase have on the price of a company?s stock?;***********************************************************************;UOP;ACC 291 Week 3 DQ 3;? Chen, Inc. purchases 1,000 shares of;its own previously issued $5 per common stock for $12,000. Assuming the shares;are held in the treasury, what effect does this transaction have on (a) net income;(b) total assets, (c) total paid-in capital, and (d) total stockholders?;equity?;? The treasury stock purchased in the;above question was resold by Chen, Inc. for $15,000. What effect does this;transaction have on (a) net income, (b) total assets, (c) total paid-in;capital, and (d) total stockholders? equity?;******************************************************************************;UOP ACC 291 Week 4 DQ;1;? Why are companies required to prepare;a statement of cash flows? Why is the statement of cash flows divided into;three sections? What does each section tell you about the operations of a;company?;? What are some common ratios used to;analyze financial information? Which are the most important? What are some examples;of how ratios are used in the decision making process?;*****************************************************************************;UOP ACC 291 Week 4 DQ;3;? Why must preferred stock dividends be;subtracted from net income in computing earnings per share? Why is common stock;usually not issued at a price that is less than par value?;? What three conditions must exist;before a cash dividend is paid? Contract the effects of a cash dividend and a;stock dividend on a corporation?s balance sheet.;University of Phoenix;Acc 291 Week 5;Acc 291 Week 5;********************************************************************************


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