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Revenue Recognition




Question;PROBLEM#;5: Revenue Recognition;Identify when each;of the following companies should recognize revenue.;(i) Before production begins, (ii) cash;collection, (iii) after replacement cost are recovered, (iv) point of sale, (v);completion of product, and (vi) during production.AND;Discuss any income measurement risks that;could arise.;(i) Persuasive evidence of arrangement;(ii) delivery has occurred/ services have been rendered, (iii) price is fixed;or determinable, (iv) collectability is assured.;a. Real Money provides investment advice to customers;for an upfront fee. It provides these customers with password-protected access;to its Website where customers can download investment reports. Real Money is;obligated to provide updates on its website.;b. Boeing ?;airplane manufacturer whose revenue is derived largely from long-term;fixed-price contracts with airlines;c. Wells;Fargo ? large commercial bank that earns interest on loans;d. Harley;Davidson ? manufactures and retails motorcycles, provides financing for dealers;and customers;Point of revenue;Risks


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