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Maeda Company has the following employees on the payroll




Question;1. Maeda Company has the following employees on the payroll:EmployeeNameMaritalStatusSemimonthlyPayrollWitholdingAllowancesAmal S $4,000 1Miguel M $5,000 3Byron S $4,600 2Hiroko M $6,500 4Using the information above:a. Calculate the FUTA tax liability for 2013. Assume that Maeda Company has paid all amounts due during the year.b.;If the payroll is consistent from quarter to quarter, how much would be;remitted in FUTA taxes in each of the four quarters in 2013?2.;Quince Company has book income of $120,000 properly determined in;accordance with financial accounting principles. The following;information is also available:? The company received a $10,000 dividend from a large publicly-traded domestic corporation of which it owns less than 20%.? Income tax expense on the financial statements was $30,000.? Depreciation expense on the financial statements is $25,000 less than depreciation expense determined using tax laws.? The company received life insurance proceeds of $15,000.? Charitable contributions of $20,000 were made.Determine the taxable income of Quince Company.


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