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David R. and Ella M. Cole (ages 39 and 38, respectively) are husband




Question;David R. and Ella M. Cole;(ages 39 and 38, respectively);are husband and wife who live at 1820 Elk Avenue, Denver. CO 80202. David is a;regional sales manager for Wren Industries, a national wholesaler of plumbing;and heating supplies, and El art-time dental hygienist for a chain of dental;clinics. David is classified by Wren as a statutory employee with compensation;for 2013 (based on commissions) of $95,600. He is expected to maintain his own;(dice and pay for all business expenses from this amount. Wren do not i quire;him to render any accounting as to the use of these funds. It do Clio old;Federal and state income taxes but does withhold and account for the payroll;taxes incurred (e.g., Social Security and Medicare). David is covered by Wren's;noncontribiltmy medical *plan but has chosen not to participate in its ?401 jpc;retirement plan.;David's employment-relatedexpenses for 2013 are;summarized below;Airfare $8,800;Lodging 5,000;Meals (during travel status) 4,800;Entertainment 3,600;around transportation;(e.g., limos, rental cars, and taxis) 800';Business gifts 900;Office supplies (includes postage, overnight delivery, and copying) 1,500;The entertainment involved business meals for;purchasing agents, store owners


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