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Question;You are an accountant and have two clients you?ll be dealing;with during this assignment. JumpinJehosaPhats;is a haberdashery (Google it!), and;is owned by J.J. Phats. JJ is expanding;the company and is in need of advice. He;has come to you to discuss the future of the company.;Part 1 ? Incorporating (25% of grade);Discuss in detail the requirements;of incorporating the business, the advantages and disadvantages, and provide JJ;with recommendations.;Part 2 ? Account Prep (25% of grade);Using the data provided, create the;owner?s equity accounts and the shareholder?s equity section of the balance;sheet after the incorporation of JumpinJehosaPhats.;Part;3 ? Expansion Considerations (25% of grade);JJ is in need of raising money to;expand the company and has identified the methods that he is considering. Using the information provided, calculate any;burden to the corporation and provide recommendations to JJ concerning his;options.;Part 4 ? Cash Flow (25% of grade);Your second client, Bailey?s;Chocolates, is asking you to produce a Cash flow from Operating;Activities. Using the Indirect Method;and the information provided, calculate the cash flow from Operating;Activities.;Be sure to cite your resources and include supporting;calculations and evidence to support your positions.;PLEASE SEE AND USE ATTACHMENTS for parts 2,3,4


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