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Max Inc. is a manufacturer of boots. It produces all




Question;3. (20 pts.);Max;Inc. is a manufacturer of boots. It produces all of its products in one;department. The information for the current month is as follows;Beginning work in process 22,000;units;Units started 44,000;units;Units completed 55,000 units;Ending work in process 10,000;units;Spoilage 1,000;units;Beginning work-in-process direct materials $15,000;Beginning work-in-process conversion $ 6,000;Direct materials added during month $70,800;Direct manufacturing labor during month $37,400;Beginning;work in process was half complete as to conversion. Direct materials are added;at the beginning of the process. Factory overhead is applied at a rate equal to;50% of direct manufacturing labor. Ending work in process was 60% complete. All;spoilage is normal and is detected at end of the process.;Required;Prepare a;production cost worksheet if spoilage is recognized and the weighted-average;method is used.


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