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UMUC ACCT301 SEC 10-K paper and Power Point




Question;Select a publicly traded U.S. corporation you would like to study this semester and ask the professor for permission by posting a response here.Your corporation must: 1) have a SEC 10-K report for the current or most recent prior year 2) be among the Fortune 100 companies. To identify Fortune 500 companies click this link: have an Accounts Receivable and Inventory accountYour corporation may NOT:1) be the same corporation you used for SEC projects in other classes2) be the same corporation a classmate selected3) be a bank or any other type of financial institution Requirements:1. Write the name of the corporation, the stock market where it is traded, and its ticker symbol in the Subject line when you respond to this posting and all other postings related to this project. For example:Under Armour, NYSE: UAApple, NASDAQ: APPLExxon Mobile, NYSE: XOM2. State why you want to study and prepare a financial analysis of your corporation.3. Provide a direct link to your corporation's SEC 10K report for the most recent year. A direct link is a hyper link that takes you directly to a Website where the SEC 10K report is located. For example, this is the direct link to the 2013 SEC 10K report for Apple, Inc. most direct route to finding the direct link is to use the SEC EDGAR System and search by Company name. The following link is a good place to start your search: State your corporation's position on the Fortune 500 List for the current year. 5. Provide page numbers for all four required financial statements:Income Statement (Hint: it could be listed as the Consolidated Statements of Income)Balance Sheet (Hint: it could be listed as the Consolidated Balance Sheet or Statement of Financial Position)Statement of Stockholders Equity (Hint: it could be listed as the Consolidated Statements of Stockholder's Equity or Consolidated Statements of Stockholder's Deficit)Statement of Cash Flows (Hint: it could be listed as the Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows) SEC 10-K PaperUnder my direction, access the most recent SEC 10-K filing of a publically traded company. Verify that your company has inventory and accounts receivable. The company must sell a tangible product (not services). Do not select hotels, financial service providers, or other service oriented businesses.Most students find their SEC 10-K file on the company website. Look for links for About Us, Company Information, or Investors, and then SEC and Annual (often in a drop-down menu). Post the name of your company, the web link, and how you located your SEC 10-K in the SEC 10-K discussion for my approval. You must select a company that has not been previously selected so that everyone has a different company. You will post comments about your company as we discuss inventory methods, and again as we discuss accounts receivable and bad debts.Also, describe the fiscal year for your company (is it December 31 or the last Saturday in January, etc.). Look for the name of the outside audit firm (there will be a letter on the financial statements and internal control). Major public accounting firms include Deloitte, KPMG, pwc/ PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Ernst & Young (there are others). Other postings may be required.The posting process will assist you in writing the paper.Use your own words. Do not copy and paste material. If you copy and paste any financial statements or areas from the SEC 10-K, this will not count toward the page length requirement.Take care to avoid issues of academic dishonesty. Your works cited list should include the web address for your SEC 10-K so that I can access it as you did. Your works cited list should also include our textbook. Any other resources should be cited in text using APA style. We use APA style for in-text citations and for the works cited list.


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