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Question;1.;A sole proprietorship is owned by;(Points: 10);one person.two or more persons.shareholders.bankers.;Question 2.;2.;Which of the following organization forms has the most revenue?;(Points: 10);S" corporationLimited partnership"C" corporationLimited liability company;Question 3.;3.;If shareholders are unhappy with a CEO's performance, they are most likely to;(Points: 10);buy more shares in an effort to gain control of the firm.file a shareholder resolution.replace the CEO through a grassroots shareholder uprising.sell their shares.;Question 4.;4.;What type of company trades on an organized stock exchange?;(Points: 10);A limited liability companyA private companyAn "S" corporationA public company;Question 5.;5.;The third party who checks annual financial statements to;ensure that they are prepared according to GAAP and verifies that the;information reported is reliable is the;(Points: 10);NYSE Enforcement Board.Accounting Standards Board.Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).auditor.;Question 6.;6.;The statement of financial position is also known as the;(Points: 10);balance sheet.income statement.statement of cash flows.statement of stockholder's equity.;Question 7.;7.;In November 2009, Perrigo Co. (PRGO) had a share price of;$39.20. They had 91.33 million shares outstanding, and a market-to-book;ratio of 3.76. In addition, PRGO had $845.01 million in outstanding;debt, $163.82 million in net income, and cash of $257.09 million.;Perrigo's enterprise value is closest to __________.;(Points: 10);$952.16 million$3,580.14 million$4,168.06 million$4,425.15 million;Question 8.;8.;Which of the following is not an operating expense?;(Points: 10);Interest expenseDepreciation and amortizationSelling, general, and administrative expensesResearch and development;Question 9.;9.;The firm's asset turnover measures;(Points: 10);the value of assets held per dollar of shareholder equity.the return the firm has earned on its past investments.the firm's ability to sell a product for more than the cost of producing efficiently the firm is utilizing its assets to generate sales.;Question 10.;10.;Wyatt Oil has a net profit margin of 4.0%, a total asset;turnover of 2.2, total assets of $525 million, and a book value of;equity of $220 million. Wyatt Oil's current return-on-assets (ROA. is;closest to __________.;(Points: 10);8.8%9.5%21.0%22.8%


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