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1. In December 1999, the drug and diagnostic manuf...




1. In December 1999, the drug and diagnostic manufacturer, Abbott Laboratories, was fined $100 million dollars by the FDA and had to recall a very large number of products from the market. None of these products was alleged to be defective, which is the usual cause of fines and recalls. Abbott had to undertake a massive corrective action program. The fines, the recalls, and the expenses for the corrective actions totally disrupted all project plans at the company. Find out the reason for this recall and fine. Be sure to cite your sources. Find the probable reason the penalty was so severe and give your opinion on the real root cause of the recall. 2. One of the more disturbing trends in this country and other developed countries is the increasing reluctance of people to vaccinate themselves and their children. Suppose your company proposed a new project to establish a vaccine manufacturing facility. There is something of a shortage of vaccine production capacity for existing vaccines now which would be one market the new facility might address. However, the company CEO believes that a 1917-18 type of pandemic is probable in the next 10 years. He read in an article (see that pandemic influenza results when a type A influenza virus strain emerges with a hemagglutinin (HA) subtype to which few people have prior immunity He therefore wants to especially concentrate vaccine development work on influenza vaccines so that the company will have necessary technical skills to produce vaccines against the expected pandemic flu when it appears. He further believe that after a pandemic, resistance to vaccination will vanish. While there very obvious financial and technical risks associated with this proposed project, there are other risks. Would you support this project?. Since financial projections are not available do not assume that the NPV of this project is favorable or not. Give two non financial reasons why you would or would not support the project.


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