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Saint MBA560 module 8 assignment




Question;Chapters 1 and 8 Writing Assignment (8%): Due 10/17;Chapters 1 and 8 writing assignment must be submitted via LearningStudio;dropbox. The;writing assignment must cover the following topics from the course textbook;and external;sources;1. Chapter 1;a. Explain why;accounting is the language of business;b. Explain the;differences between financial and management accounting;c. Explain and;apply underlying accounting concepts, assumptions, and principles;i. The;entity assumption;ii. The;continuity (going-concern) assumption;iii. The;historical cost principle;iv. The;monetary-unit assumption;d. Evaluate;business operations through the financial statements;e. Evaluate;business decisions ethically;f. The effects of;Sarbanes-Oxley Act on financial reporting;2. Chapter 8;a. Describe the;three primary responsibilities of a manager;b. Explain the;changing roles of management accounting with respect to professional;associations, the average salaries of management accountants, ethical;principles of management accountants, and ethical dilemmas;c. Describe the;types of trends that affect management accounting;Graded;Requirements;Chapters;1 and 8 review writing assignment must have at least 8 pages. The assignment;will be typewritten, double spaced-standard margins, and follow the APA style;format. Cut and pasting is not permitted. The review writing assignment is;worth 100 points.;Requirements;*;APA;style of writing;*;Cover;page;*;Reference;page;*;No;less than 8 pages (not including cover page, table of contents;endnote page, etc.);*;Typed;double spaced, normal 1? margins;*;Type;size 12, type style: New Times Roman or Arial font;*;Report;is to be written in narrative form, and;*;Detailed;information covering the project requirements.;Grading;Scholarly;writing, completeness, organization, identified, extensive analysis of the;issues, evidence based practices logically discussed, grammar, punctuation;spelling and consistent with project requirements.;All;work must be completed using Microsoft OFFICE Products that include;on WORD, AND EXCEL. Word Perfect, Word Pad, PDF, and other similar;products will not be accepted.;Content Scoring;Rubric (40 points);Rating;Exceptional;corresponds to an A (95-100%). Performance is outstanding, significantly above;the usual expectations.;Proficient corresponds to;a grade of B to A- (83-94%). Skills and standards are at the level of;expectation.;Basic corresponds to a C to B-;(75-82%). Skills and standards are acceptable but improvements are needed to;meet expectations well.;Novice corresponds to an F (< 74%).;Performance is weak, the skills or standards are not sufficiently demonstrated;at this time.;0 This criterion is missing or not in;evidence.;Criteria;Ratings;0;Novice;Basic;Proficient;Exceptional;The;paper is scholarly in nature and is complete;1 ? 3.99;4;? 6.99;7 ? 9.99;10 - 13;Paper;includes an extensive analysis of the chapter content.;1 ? 3.99;4;? 6.99;7 ? 9.99;10- 13;Writing;and grammar skills are appropriate to the graduate level;1 ? 3.99;4;-- 6.99;7 ? 9.99;10-14;Total;of 40 points;APA Style Writing Rubrics (40 points);Each chapter review writing assignment;must have references from the current textbook that the class is using. If you;are not sure, check with me. Assignments that are submitted without references;and a reference list will not be graded. Do not useWikipedia;Investopedia,,, or any other website that does;not have credibility and my approval! They will not be accepted as;citations. You will lose points on your assignment if you use these;unauthorized sources.;All assignments must be typed, using a;traditional academic 12 point font, and black ink should be used. Information;on the chapter writing assignment must be cited correctly. You are required to;submit the writing assignment via eCollege dropbox.;APA Similarity Index Rubrics;0%;to;10%;11%;to;20%;21%;to;30%;31%;to;40%;41%;to;50%;51%;to;60%;61%;to;70%;71%;to;80%;Over;to;80%;No;Penalty;-5;points;-15;points;-20;points;-25;points;-30;points;-35;points;-40;points;F in the;course.;You will also;be reported for honor code violation


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