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Amy Electronics_ production cost report




Question;Objective;Preparing a production cost report, no beginning WIP or costs transferred in.;Amy Electronics makes DVD players in three processes;assembly, programming, and packaging. Direct materials are added at the;beginning of the assembly process. Conversion costs are incurred evenly;throughout the process. The Assembly Department had no Work-in-Process;Inventory on October 31. In mid-November, Amy Electronics started production on;125,000 DVD players. Of this number, 95,800 DVD players were assembled during;November and transferred out to the Programming Department. The November 30;Work-in-Process Inventory in the Assembly Department was 25% of the way through;the assembly process. Direct materials costing $437,500 were placed in;production in Assembly during November, and direct labor of $200,800 and;Manufacturing overhead of $134,275 were assigned to that department.;Requirements;1. Prepare;a production cost report for the Assembly Department for November.


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