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Question;The presentations, of work-in-progress on the major assignments, will occur during the tutorials in Weeks 8 and 9. The presentations are worth 5% of the total assignment. The presentations will be on the strategic and business analysis, accounting analysis and financial analysis. There are two principal purposes of the presentation. The first purpose is to enable students to obtain feedback, on their work to date, from the tutor and their fellow students. The second purpose is to discipline the students to work of the major assignment.Each presentation should last for 12 ? 15 minutes. All members of the group are required to contribute. After each presentation, there will be a short group discussion, to provide the presenters with feedback. It would be a practical impossibility to adequately cover all aspects of the aforementioned topics during the time allocated. Hence, each group should select up to four issues for which they would most like feedback. Students must select at least one issue from all three aforementioned stages of the analysis. Their presentation should focus on these issues. Students are welcome to use visual aids.My part is:Accounting Analysis, including the following:? Identification of three critical success factors for the company? Identification of three key accounting policies for the company? Assessment of the windows for managerial discretionary afforded by Australian accounting standards with respect to the critical accounting policies? Identification of potential incentives for opportunistic accounting policy choice.? Evaluation of the accounting strategies followed regarding the key accounting policies, including comparison with an industry competitor? Evaluation of the quality of the company?s disclosure quality? Identification of any ?red flags?, if applicable.The company isTandou LtdASX code: TANASX industry classification: food beverages and tobaccoPrincial Activities: production and marketing of cotton, cereal and lambAll information are relating Australian accounting and AASB.


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