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2102 AFE Financial Accounting Assignment Semester 2 (2014)




Question;Question 1A stockbroker advises a client to ?buy preference share??????????With that type of share????.[you] will never have to worry about losing the dividends?. Is the broker right? If so, please explain. (300 - 600 words) [10 marks]Question 2Using the iSelect Limited Prospectus, answer the following questions:[10 marks]a) What is the nature and details of the prospective fundraising, and explain the reasons why such funds were being raised. (100 -200 words) [3 marks]b) What is the Offer Structure of the iSelect Limited Initial Public Offering (IPO)? (100 - 200 words) [3 marks]c) ?An investment to ?iSelect? is subject to risk?, explain this statement. (100 - 200 words) [4 marks]


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