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Question;Fido Treats manufactures its own brand of pet chew bones. At;the end of December 2014, the accounting records showed the following;Inventories: Beginning;Ending;Raw Materials $;13,400 $ 9,500;Work -in-Process 0 2,000;Finished Goods;0;5,300;Other Information;Raw materials purchase $ 33,000;Plant janitorial;services 800;Sales Salaries 5,000;Delivery Costs;1,700;Sales revenue 109,000;Utilities for plant 1,600;Rent on plant 13,000;Customer service;hotline costs 1,400;Direct Labor 22,000;Requirements;1.;Prepare a schedule of costs of goods;manufactured for Fido Treats for the year ended December 31, 2014.;2.;Prepare an income statement for Fido Treats for;the year ended December 31, 2014.;3.;How does the format of the income statement for;Fido Treats differ from the income statement of a merchandiser?;4.;Fido Treats manufactured 18,075 units of its;product in 2014. Compute the company?s unit product cost for the year.


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